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Can you keep a Secret? Record on a beach.
To Cloud or Not to Cloud

Passwords are the problem. Our digital lifestyle requires us to sign into an ever increasing number of apps, websites, and devices. Our capacity to manage unique passwords is not sustainable. Gone are the days when one could use the same strong password for everything. Because if one site is compromised then you are seriously pwned. To add to the frustration, every site has a slightly different requirement for a valid password (minimum characters, lowercase, numeric, and so on, …). It’s maddening.

Keeping a secret is easy, communicating a secret is not.

Alice needs to get some information to Bob on the down low. It’s best if you don’t know the what or the why.

A dead drop is tradecraft in which a package is dropped at a designated place for pickup at a later time. The key here is that Alice and Bob do not actually meet. They are never in the same place at the same time. This affords them a degree of deniability and physical safety. The dead drop has evolved in the digital age. …

World Password Day is Thursday, May 2nd 2019. World Password Day is a celebration to promote safer password habits. On this day take time to think about your passwords and try to understand what is at risk. Ask yourself what you can do to secure your information and educate others about cyber crime.

The open-source vetted KeePass Password Safe popular among those that defiantly do for themselves

Are you reusing passwords? Is your gmail account secure? Do you use 2FA (two factor authentication)? Are you a high-value target for a spear-phishing attack?

It’s well-established how dangerous spear phishing is and how easily it can reach you. …

Convincing professionals to take cyber-security seriously is like selling them life insurance. You have to paint a picture of the worst case scenario in order to provoke a defensive response. That’s not fun. It would be much easier if information security were cool and trending.

Fortunately, our product line “Arcanus 55 Privacy Paranoid Vault” is pretty cool as far as sleek, yet functional, geek gadgets go. AES-256 is the new black.

As a tax professional you are very cool because …, well cooler than actuaries. Am I right?

As part of the “in crowd” you know that you’ll need to…

Phishing and Keyloggers are real threats

Your Gmail account integrity is the weakest link in you privacy stack. If a bad actor gains access to your Gmail it could end your career. A few venomously worded emails under your name could irrevocably damage relationships that you’ve spent years building.

Can’t really put an accurate dollar amount on a destroyed reputation.

I point this out because I suspect people typically do not consider all of the implications of being hacked. Depending on what is stolen and by whom, the consequences could be dire. It can change your life in ways that you cannot even begin to imagine.

Anyone can be a target by association

Spear phishing is a targeted attack on a group of individuals who have access to highly valued information. It typically uses falsified websites to trick victims into devolving their user name and password.

You might think that you are not a likely target for spear phishing but you would be surprised to learn how valuable the information that you access actually is. The documents on your own computer may be trivial however with your password other computers can be accessed over your company’s network. Using your credentials an attacker might access remote servers containing sensitive financial or proprietary information. You…

Keep your digital keys safe and out-of-sight

Why keeping your MFA key FOB on a plain key-chain is not a good idea.

Privacy is important. It seems that now everyone is recognizing this. Recently Google launched it’s Advanced Protection Program to help people protect their accounts with multi-factor authentication. Specifically the Titan Security Key. Yubikey has been around for a bit longer and is growing in popularity. SoloKey is an exciting new open source platform. The underlying premise is that a physical key can protect you and your co-workers from spear phishing / spyware attacks. I think that most would agree that it’s a practical solution.


Titan Security Key Protection 🔑 Don’t Trust Your Key-chain

Don’t Lose Your Keys 🔑Titan Security Keys

The new Titan Security Key is a clever way to protect yourself in the unfortunate situation where your gmail password has been compromised.

Simply put, the key is required to sign into your Google account. Imagine for example your password is, well “password”. Some under-achieving hacker might figure that out and gain access to your email, calendar and G-drive. That would suck because Mr. Hacky would then use that account to reset the passwords to your other important accounts, like your bank or Netflix. Well, Mr. …


Perhaps you’ve subscribed to a trial online password manager and it just doesn’t feel right. If you don’t trust your passwords on the cloud then this article is for you. If you’ve tried a cloud based password managers and received your first monthly bill then this article is for you.

Installing a Virtual Keyboard Chrome Extension on Chromium Linux Mint

Type passwords without touching the keyboard (daytime theme shown)

New Linux users might be skeptical and then surprised to learn that you can install a Google Chrome extension on the Chromium browser. They would be even more surprised to learn how easy it is. Sure, you could just install Chrome but that seems like an extra step that might not even be necessary. Simpler is better.

I have Linux Mint 19 on an encrypted and bootable USB drive because I am Privacy Paranoid. I want to install a virtual keyboard Chrome extension so that I do not have to…

Arcanus 55

We vertically integrate the best of breed privacy platforms on behalf of the individual.

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